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Outer Guard

About Us

Widows Sons:
Outer Guard

We are a 501(c)3 charitable masonic riding association in Lafayette, IN, with a primary focus to bring more light into the world by raising Brothers, helping less fortunate veterans, and any other cause we see that increases the light in the world.

Outer Guard

is a chapter of

Widows Sons Indiana

The Widows Sons are an affinity organization for Freemasons who enjoy motorcycling together.


How We Help

These are some of the charities we have helped support!

  • Mary T. Klinker Veterans Center
  • Toys for Tots
  • Lafayette Lodge Community Foundation
  • Floyd Lodge F&AM
  • The National Diabetes Initiative
  • Community Cancer Network


Support Our Charities

Every purchase you make helps us to support our charities!

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The Members

Group Ride

Brothers Ishmael Nelson, Dwight Keller, Travis Sandifur, Jerry Johnson, Steve Scott, Len Wilson, Wesley Robinson, and Jimmy Rehfeldt

2nd Outer Guard Ride

Front Row: Brs. Metal, Squish, River Rat;
Back Row: Brs. Biggee, Jester, Fluff, Scooter

Br. Walter Penney


Br. Robert Hill


Br. Joe Sparks


Br. Gregg Thompson, Sr.


Br. Brian Byers






Br Shawn Collins


Br. James McDonnell


Br Jason Stoner


Br. Doug Mcclure


Br. Bob Mead


Br. Jeff Morris

8nt Rite

Br. Michael Isenhower

Snap On

Br. Greg Summers

Wing Nut

Br. Todd Cain Fireball